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Harmonic filters & energy audits

Harmonic Filtering Solutions, All Products Detuned, Copper Reactor Detuned, Aluminium Reactor Active Harmonic Filter. The increasing use of modern power electronic apparatus (drives, uninterruptible power supplies, etc.) produces non-linear current and thus loads the network with harmonics. The capacitance of the power capacitor forms a resonant circuit in conjunction with the feeding transformer. Experience shows that the self-resonant frequency of this circuit is typically between 250 and 500 Hz, i.e. in the region of the 5th and 7th harmonics. Typical loads requiring harmonic filtering include 6 pulse drives (AC / DC), 3 phase UPS, frequency converters.

Improve power quality and reduce downtime with our patented Adaptive Passive Technology.

  • Adapts to varying power loads
  • Best performance in the industry
  • Extends the service life of electrical equipment
  • Generator compatible
  • Performance guarantee

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Professional energy assessments generally go into great detail to assess your home’s energy use. The energy auditor will do a room-by-room examination of the residence, as well as a thorough examination of past utility bills. Many professional energy assessments will include a blower door test. Most will also include a thermographic scan. There’s also another type of test — the PFT air infiltration
measurement technique but it is rarely offered. Check out the Energy Saver 101 home energy audit info graphic to get an idea of what energy auditors look for and the special tools they use to determine where a home is wasting energy.

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