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Home Automation & Occupancy sensors

PP Associates is an upcoming Green-tech company offering products and solutions for building automation and is committed to help buildings reduce ELECTRICITY costs through Intelligent Building Solutions and Solar PV Generation Solutions with an attractive payback period.Our products include a comprehensive range of PIR motion sensors, dusk-to-dawn switches, LED lights and intelligent controllers that provide automation and energy saving solutions for corporate offices, outdoor lighting, parking lights, cabins, meeting rooms, conference rooms, staircases, pathways, washrooms, bungalows etc. The easy to install NEGAVEEZ products control all types of lights, fans and air conditioners, with built in intelligence for energy saving & security. The company executes Solar Photovoltaic projects
for Power Pack & Pumping solutions.

Our MISSION is to be able to OFFSET 10 MW of Power Generation need per day till 2020 through Building Automation & Renewable Energy Generation and be a part of NEGAWATT Revolution.Selected by Economic Times-CIIE ‘Power of Ideas 2012’ as a promising green-tech venture, the company is saving more than 2MW of electricity per day by implementing NEGAVEEZ Building automation products with our esteemed clientele. Our energy saving toolkit is both environmentally responsible & also financially sensible, it will not only control your energy usage, but also put money back into your pockets!

The capital cost for electricity generation is much higher than saving wastage of electricity at the user end. A decision to alter existing power consumption methods can make a big difference and can result in significant savings in power consumption. You would more than welcome a practical, simple and effective solution. Within NEGA-VEEZ, we have developed solutions to address need of most commercial spaces to detect opportunities for saving electricity. Our smart solutions help plug this electrical leakage while allowing the premise functioning to be unaffected. The building s will be in compliance with Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) guidelines and Green Rating for IntegratedHabitat Assessment (GRIHA) Star Rating. Ultimately you will be a part of GREEN REVOLUTION-NEGAWATT Revolution. NEGAWATT Revolution is a concept introduced by American Environmentalist Amory Lovins, essentially means every watt of energy saved at the user end will contribute to reduce the load on electricity generation. In other words every watt of our energy saving action can create a powerful ripple effect on managing the energy crisis and saving the environment.

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